About Me

Hi! I’m Jarrett McGaha.

I decided to become a real estate agent in 2019 so I signed up and took my classes. In October of 2019 I took the real estate exam. Later that month I interviewed brokers to see which company i would like to start my career with and hopefully be with for years to come. When I had my interview with Mark Holleman I knew this was the company I wanted to represent and be a member of his team. He and the rest of the team care about our community. They care about Clarksville’s growth, education, youth, health and so much more. This is a place I enjoy working at thanks to the great energy and culture of the office; as well as, the job itself.


I help Sellers

If looking to sale your home, I can help you. I will go through all the needed documents and answer any questions you may have, prepare a comparative market analysis to price you home accurately with the current market, and guide you the rest of the way through showings, picking the best offer, and closings.It can be long process sometime but clear communication and a plan of attack will keep things smooth as possible.

I help Investors

Every investor has a niche and Clarksville covers about all of them. With a growing military base, a college campus, and booming commerce whatever your target market may be Clarksville has it.

I help Buyers

I help buyers find the right home for them and their lifestyle. We have a habit of looking at homes in Beds, Baths, and Square feet. This is the way most contractors see them and neighbors that drive by, but when it is going to be your home you see it different. You see a mornings on the porch, afternoons on the patio, and runs through the neighborhood. We all have an image of what we want in our minds now lets find that reality for you.

I help Renters

Looking to rent in Clarksville offers many options. We have single family homes, duplex, and large appartment complexes. They each offer there own perks. Lets find what you are looking for in a place.



October of 2019 to present

The greatest job I have ever had is being a Realtor. I heard about people being excited about going to work but never experienced the feeling myself until I started this career.

Austin Peay State University


Attended APSU from the Fall of 2011 until the spring of 2015. I graduated with a Bachelors in Business Administration.

Let’s do this Together.

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