Finding a home and staying healthy

With the COVID 19 Virus right now staying healthy and safe is the top priority for everyone. This will add extra steps in the buying/selling process but is what needs to happen to keep us all healthy for the future.

Here are some ways to communicate and go through the process

  1. Telephone meetings and Video Chats. – Most meetings do not have to be face to face so take advantage of modern technology.
  2. Virtual Tours- Again learn to use the camera on your smart phone or computer then have your real estate agent go to the home and give you a personal tour from miles away.
  3. Distance Showing- Purchasing a home is a big decision and you may not feel comfoartble submiting an offer until you see it in person. If that is the case have your agent go in first and sanitize door knobs, light switches, and other surfaces you might touch. Next have the agent leave all the doors open and lights on so you can go through the home without touching anything. Finally have the agent sanitize again, turn off the lights and lock up the home.
  4. Sign Online- Esignatures are becoming easier all the time. Make sure your agent has your email address and away you go.
  5. Closing- Closing is probably the most difficult to do without coming in contact with people so have the closing company have one person in at a time so that you come in contact with as few people as possible. Closing online is possible see following link . https://www.maar.org/news/2020/04/21/homepage/online-closing-requirements-in-tennessee/

Other things you can do include wearing gloves, mask, and sanitizing every time you get back in your vehicle or home. Be safe & Stay Healthy. Best of luck finding the right home for you.


Buy now!

Homes are going fast!

Be yourself; Everyone else is already taken.

— Oscar Wilde.

Clarksville and the surrounding area is growing quickly. Buy your home soon they are going fast, but there is something for everyone. From new construction homes, remodeled homes in established neighborhoods, or a fixer upper there is one out there for you! Let me help you find it.

Do you know what you are looking for? What can you not live without and what you must avoid in a home? We have all have the above but they are different for everyone. Make a list and share it with me. I want to know what you want. The whole goal is to find the made for YOU not the one made for everyone. Some standard questions… 1. How many bedrooms? 2. How many bathroom? 3. How many square feet? and many questions that can be answered with a simple number.

Not everything can be assigned a number value though such as the style of home you imagine in your future, the view you see fro your front porch, the schools you plan for you children to go to and many more important details of life that can not be stated with a simple number. I hope you have been able to picture what you want in a home. I look forward to making the dream come true.

See you soon,

Jarrett McGaha

May 2020

Clarksville Tn

Real Estate Report

In Clarksville Tn this month saw a leap forward to get the community back on track after very few homes became available last month. Many home owners now feel more comfortable with letting people in to there home for a showing. This is great because as good as a virtual showing is with modern technology many buyers are not wanting to make an offer without seeing a property in person. Who can blame them when making such a big decision like buying a home many just have to go there and make sure it feels right to them. Virtual tours do not always give a natural experience such as color, smell, and feel simply cannot be done accurately over a screen.


If you have to move now or soon and love a home you need to make a competitive offer. With inventory low and a constant flow of buyers in the area many homes are going at asking price ,very close to it, or even over the original asking price in some situations. The homes that are updated and listed at a fair price or going fast very few make it a whole month with many going under contract in just a few days.

Tip: If looking for a home get pre-approved sooner than later to be sure you don’t miss out on your future home. 


If you are ready to move and sale your home now is looking like as good a time as any. Value continues to grow in the area and has been for a while, yet no one knows when that will change. Contact a realtor to get a CMA on your home and to see if any repairs or updates would help get the most for your home. It can be difficult to put money into a place that you plan to leave soon so weigh the cost to benefits. Also be sure you will be able to afford to move esprit staying in the same area because homes are going quick. 

Tip: Do not put your home on the market unless you are ready to move. It may sale on day one. 


Currently most investors are holding still or making careful and calculated moves. With a degree of uncertainty on what the futures has in store make sure the numbers work with the worse case scenario in mind. Being conservative and doing extra research along with precise number crunching is encouraged to protect your investment.