Jarrett McGaha

Your home’s value

How much is my home worth?  Many homeowners want to know what the current market value is for their home. The market is always changing and many owners simply do not keep up with the market after closing on their house until it is time to move to the next one. The reason to keep […]

I love my job

I love my job because I 100% believe every time I help a client buy or sell a home, land, or any piece of real estate that I am making their life better. My clients are either ready to buy a home to live in, a piece of land to build their own home, or […]

Should I buy a home in Clarksville ? Should I buy now?

When to buy your home?  When buying a home many people struggle with the question, “Is now the right time to buy?” This is not a simple question and factors in many variables such as: Can we get pre-approved?  Our lease is almost up Our calendar is crazy! Prices are only going up We need […]

May 2020

Clarksville Tn Real Estate Report This month Clarksville, TN saw a leap forward to get the community back on track after very few homes became available last month. Many home owners now feel more comfortable with letting people into their home for a showing. This is great because as good as a virtual showing is […]

Finding a home and staying healthy

With the COVID 19 Virus right now staying healthy and safe is the top priority for everyone. This will add extra steps in the buying/selling process but is what needs to happen to keep us all healthy for the future. Here are some ways to communicate and go through the process Telephone meetings and Video […]

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