Seller’s Option

June 2021 for

The housing market in Clarksville Tn right now puts a lot of power in the seller’s hand.

Many homes are selling in a single day with multiple offers.

These offers vary widely of course but currently it is not uncommon to see offer prices over asking,  buyers willing to pay over appraisal, buyers forfeiting home inspections, and even some full price cash offers with no contingencies. 

What does this mean for someone considering selling their home?

It means you (The Seller) controls the conversation. 

You can have a clause where you live in your home for X days until you find a place to move. 

You can sell it As-Is or with minimum repairs and still sell it quickly and at a good price. 

Staging your home may not be needed and you may only need one weekend of showing so you will not have to juggle leaving your home around showings for months. 

Whatever the clause or condition is, you may be able to make it work right now. 

Clarksville simply has way more buyers right now than houses to buy. The builders are doing all they can to help balance the equation but cannot keep up with the fast pace. 

Curious what you can sell your home for?

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Hi! I'm Jarrett I believe in hard work, having fun, and living life. There is no time like the present and tomorrow is just hopeful thinking. I enjoy the outdoors from working in the yard to getting lost in some unkown woods. I also enjoy helping people anyway I can and anyway you need. Contact me today 931.216.2589.

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