New Year! New You! New Home!

Is one of your goals for 2021 to buy a home? 

If so I would be glad to help you find the home that will help you become the new year for the new year. 

The beginning of the year is always a great time because it is a blank slate, a fresh start full of potential. 

Here are a few things to do to make the goal of buying your house this year a reality. 

  1. Get pre-approved

Start here so you don’t sell yourself short or waste time looking at homes outside your budget. Many times new buyers either overestimate their budget or are surprised they would be able to get so much for a loan. 

Talk with your lender to see what you can get approved for, if you don’t have a lender feel free to message or call me to help you find one. 

  1. Next is to decide if you want to max out your budget or if you prefer to shop beneath your approved amount. This is a 100% your call only. You need to do what makes you comfortable with  your finances. If it is your first home keep in mind you will probably want to do some things to give it your own personal touch. 
  1. Now that you have your numbers in mind get in touch with a realtor who can help you find a home that will fit your needs. Some things to consider outside of the budget are: square feet, # of bedrooms, # bathrooms, location, parking spaces, location, lot size, location, property taxes, school zones, and many more factors go into a home as well. 

I hope you caught the theme of location. I emphasize this point so much because it is one  of the few things you cannot change about whichever home you pick to be yours.

  1. Once you have done the above, have your agent go through a Purchase and Sale Agreement so you will not be looking at one for the first time when super excited about making your first offer. Also have them go over any other documentation they feel you may see later on in the transaction. 
  2. Finally it is time to see as many homes and make as many offers as needed until you have ownership of your new home in the new year!

Happy  New Year! And Best of Luck!

You can contact me by phone 931-216-2589, by email, or by social media with any questions you may have in your home buying journey this year. 

I am a local to Clarksville, Tn and love my job as a Realtor with Coldwell Banker: Conroy, Marable & Holleman. Clarksville is a great place to live and I am glad to be raising my family here. 


Published by Jarrett McGaha

Hi! I'm Jarrett I believe in hard work, having fun, and living life. There is no time like the present and tomorrow is just hopeful thinking. I enjoy the outdoors from working in the yard to getting lost in some unkown woods. I also enjoy helping people anyway I can and anyway you need. Contact me today 931.216.2589.

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