Get Notified

Buying a home in Clarksville Tn right now is very competitive for home buyers. 

Inventory is low and demand is high. With the current conditions you need to know about a property as soon as it’s available. 

It is hard to stay up to date with new homes added daily on many going under contract in just 24-48 hours from going on the market. 

The best way I have found to stay on top of new inventory is by using these two websites. 

Coldwell Banker 


Both sites stay up to date with the local MLS and allow you to get notifications for properties you might be interested in. 

I highly recommend getting notified even if just starting your home search

1 so you do not miss a potential future property

2 by setting notifications up now you can start broad and then slowly narrow your search to exactly what you want

If you have any trouble setting up your notifications contact me and i will walk you through the process. 




Published by Jarrett McGaha

Hi! I'm Jarrett I believe in hard work, having fun, and living life. There is no time like the present and tomorrow is just hopeful thinking. I enjoy the outdoors from working in the yard to getting lost in some unkown woods. I also enjoy helping people anyway I can and anyway you need. Contact me today 931.216.2589.

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