May 2020

Clarksville Tn

Real Estate Report

This month Clarksville, TN saw a leap forward to get the community back on track after very few homes became available last month. Many home owners now feel more comfortable with letting people into their home for a showing. This is great because as good as a virtual showing is with modern technology, many buyers are not wanting to make an offer without seeing a property in person. Who can blame them when making such a big decision like buying a home, many just have to go there and make sure it feels right to them. Virtual tours do not always give a natural experience such as color, smell, and feel simply cannot be done accurately over a screen.


If you have to move now or soon and love a home you need to make a competitive offer. With inventory low and a constant flow of buyers in the area many homes are going at asking price ,very close to it, or even over the original asking price in some situations. The homes that are updated and listed at a fair price or going fast very few make it a whole month with many going under contract in just a few days.

Tip: If looking for a home get pre-approved sooner than later to be sure you don’t miss out on your future home. 


If you are ready to move and sale your home now is looking like as good a time as any. Value continues to grow in the area and has been for a while, yet no one knows when that will change. Contact a realtor to get a CMA (comparative market analysis) on your home and to see if any repairs or updates would help get the most for your home. It can be difficult to put money into a place that you plan to leave soon so weigh the cost to benefits. 

Tip: Do not put your home on the market unless you are ready to move. It may sale on day one. 


Currently most investors are holding still or making careful and calculated moves. With a degree of uncertainty on what the futures has in store make sure the numbers work with the worse case scenario in mind. Being conservative and doing extra research along with precise number crunching is encouraged to protect your investment.

Published by Jarrett McGaha

Hi! I'm Jarrett I believe in hard work, having fun, and living life. There is no time like the present and tomorrow is just hopeful thinking. I enjoy the outdoors from working in the yard to getting lost in some unkown woods. I also enjoy helping people anyway I can and anyway you need. Contact me today 931.216.2589.

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