Home Buyers Checklist

Clarksville Tn

Congratulations on deciding to buy a home! This is a huge decision. Here are a few things to consider along the way of finding a home, making an offer, getting it accepted, and getting it closed!

  1. You have completed the first step. You have made the decision to be a homeowner! 
  2. Find a Realtor, Real Estate Agent, and or get signed up for autonification on the MLS or the top real estate websites. 
  3. Be ready to go see homes and plan on going to see home at certain times rather you have a certain home in mind. This will get you into some houses so you can see more of what you like and dislike and many times something you are interested in will come available and you will be able to be one of the first ones to see the home. 
  4. Once you have a home in mind, get the offer written! Hopefully your agent has already went of this process with you  an the possible documents that you may see after the initial offer if not no worries you can get some of the basic information here https://jarrettmcgaha.com/2020/10/06/documents-between-uc-and-closing/
  1. Send offer and Wait..
  2. Get an accepted offer and go to step 7 or if the went with a different offer start back at #3
  3. Yay! We are getting some momentum and everything is looking up! Now time to schedule inspections Many lenders require a home inspection, Termite Inspection, and Appraisal. Others they may ask for or you may want to look into are a Radon Test, a Survey, a septic inspection, HVAC inspection, are just a few if you have any others in mind get them done in your inspection window. 
  4. Request repairs or negotiate price after the inspections. 
  5. Stay in touch with your lenders and your agent at least once a week. Things can pop up or change and it’s always best to know sooner than later. 
  6. Do a final walk through before closing. Typically this is done the day of closing or a day or two before closing. This is when you check to be sure all repairs are done that were agreed upon. 
  7. Time to go sign the closing documents and transfer the money! Enjoy owning your new home! 

The above is just a quick rundown of what to expect when buying a home. There could be a few more things to pop up or a step repeated a few times. 

For more home buyer information check out my website jarrettmcgaha.com

You can find things like what documents are needed when purchasing a home, how long does buying a house take, how to read a home inspection, and so much more!


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