Having an Open House?

Then congratulations on making the decision to sell and good luck in finding your next home!

It is time to prepare your home so that a new owner can see why it should be there next home.

#1 The Look

We all know sight is the sense we use the most. You can see colors, sizes, shapes and much more from far off and then see them in fine detail up close.

When you first see your home what jumps into mind? Is it the bright blue shutters you see from a mile away, the well-manicured lawn and landscaping, or any one of the many things you can see from outside your home? Whatever it maybe you want visitors to feel welcome. This can mean many things but in general people like symmetry, open spaces, clean areas, and neutral colors. It is easy to set a home up for you and what you love and is great when you are living in your home however when looking for a new owner the idea is to let them visualize there new and improved life in the house.

# 2 The Feel

Touch or Feel is a sense that we use more then we even realize every single day. Your body detects the temperature and moisture in the air. Our feet send signals to our brain about how firm and secure the flooring is beneath our feet. Your hand lets you know the doorknob is dry and clean or if it has a film of dirt/grease covering its surface.

Again, the goal is comfort. The potential home owner should feel warm and secure when walking through out the house. The smooth wood coffee table that was wiped down with pledge earlier today lets the buyers hand slide gracefully over its top. The warmth of the fire place soothes them after stepping in out of the cold wind blowing outside.

# 3 The Smell

Sense of smell is probably the most forgotten because smells are acknowledged by the brain and quickly sent away so we can regain focus. Even though not the most thought of the memory of a smell is one of the strongest. A pleasant aroma may not bring all the potential buyers running inside like a gorgeous picture but an unpleasant scent could send them packing.

Now time to set up your home to appeal to the above senses. Best of Luck!

Published by Jarrett McGaha

Hi! I'm Jarrett I believe in hard work, having fun, and living life. There is no time like the present and tomorrow is just hopeful thinking. I enjoy the outdoors from working in the yard to getting lost in some unkown woods. I also enjoy helping people anyway I can and anyway you need. Contact me today 931.216.2589.

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