The Top 5 Reasons to Call a Plumber

Have you ever had a plumbing issue and need to call a professional? 

Well you are not alone. 

Plumbers phone rings every day with people in need of help for a plumbing issue and they are glad to go to your home and mitigate the problem. 

Clogged toilet 

The most common call most plumbing companies recieve is for a clogged/stopped up toilet.

You have probably encountered this issue a time or two yourselves. Typically a handy plugger will get things flowing again but when that does not do the trick it may be time to call a professional plumber. If you are not ready to give up, you can go to your local hardware or plumbing supply store and pick up a closet auger/cable/or snake all which refer to a 4-6 foot hand held cable that is slightly larger at the tip and designed to fit through the trap of a commode. Be careful not to bang your walls if in a small bathroom or scratch the bottom of the commode bow if you try this yourself. 

A last resort to unclog the toilet is to pull the commode up clearly to see if anything is jammed in the trap. If not a professional plumber will then run a larger diameter cable through the drain to retrieve or push the clog. 

Leaky Faucet

When you have a faucet that continues to drip even when you crank tightly on the handles it is time to do a repair or replacement. For a few reasons one is the aggravation of hearing the water continually drip and the other is it will add to your water bill. 

Just dripping once every two minutes adds about $60 dollars to your water bill a month. If that goes on for a whole year you will pay $720 for unused water. No one wants to pay for anything they are not using. 

The fix can be a couple different things, typically a bad washer or striped stems. However if you are wanting to update the home you cannot go wrong with a new faucet. Once you start doing repairs it is difficult to estimate the longevity of the fixture. A repaired faucet may work properly for a couple months or for years to come, but if you have a professional install a new faucet all together it typically comes with a one year warranty. Sometimes you can even purchase an extended warranty depending on the company and brand of faucet you decide to have installed. 

NO Hot Water! 

Waking up to a cold shower is a horrible way to start your morning but boy will it wake you up fast. If you took a cold shower this morning I hope it was by choice. I know mine was steaming hot thanks to the 50 Gallon Electric Water Heater. This is the most common type of hot water heater in Clarksville Tn. Probably quite similar to the one in your home. 

A few reasons you would loss hot water(to an electric tank heater) are:

  • NO power to the water heater
  • Bad thermostat
  • Burnt out element
  • Rusted out water Heater

 To resolve the no power issue check your breaker box to see if any breakers or popped if so reset the breaker and give your heater 30-60 minutes to heat up. Hopefully you now have hot water. 

If it is not that simple and you do not have a flooded area around your water heater then it is most likely the thermostats and or the elements. If you do not feel comfortable working around water and electricity together then do not attempt to replace either. 

If you have water all around your water heater it may have rusted through and be beyond repair. In Clarksville Tn the average lifespan of an electric 50 gallon hot water heater is 10-12 years. 

Low/No Water Pressure

This could be several different things and may take some time to diagnose. 

Some possibilities include an issue with your water supplier having valves shutdown or a main break, clogged/bad pressure reducing valve, a water leak in your personal water main or under the home, if only in one fixture you could have a clogged up aerator. 

The WHOLE house is backing!!

I have had this issue happen at my home and it is the worst feeling of all the issues here because you cannot just turn a valve off to stop a sewer back up. You are at its mercy for it to stop. The only thing you can do immediately is to stop running any more water down the drains and call your plumber. This issue could be resolved fairly quickly if you have proper access to a clean out and your plumber has a long enough cable to reach your clog. If a clog caused the back up. If it is a back up from the city or an overfilled septic tank another professional might have to come tackle the issue. Another and hopefully not the case option is a broken sewer line. This can be a costly replacement but if not replaced properly it will continue to be an issue. 

Hope you found the article informational and helpful. 

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